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'Gorgeous food and fab harbour view.'
The Observer food awards for "best restaurant South West"

'Me and my girlfriend just had the most lovely romantic meal we've had in a long time. The staff were really nice and accommodating and the food faultless. Best restaurant in Bristol! Thanks very much guys!
Joe, Bristol

'Many restaurants aspire to a Mediterranean atmosphere, but this rustic
harbourside favourite is the real deal'
Clifton Life

'The food at the Olive Shed is fantastic! I am vegetarian, but often find it a challenge to have somewhere to go where I get more than 3 choices from a menu, not the case here. Well done!'
Alice, Bristol

‘It really is rather 'one of a kind' as there's nowhere quite like it, serving good food in such a relaxed manner.’
Restaurant Guide.com

'I love to sit by the river and enjoy the view, but have found many of the riverside restaurants and bars to be a bit too rushed and commercial, then I found the Olive Shed. It has great views and a wonderful atmosphere, defiantly my favorite haunt now.'
John, Bristol

'Myself and my partner were sent to the Olive Shed on recommendation, and it was just what we were looking for. Great food, polite staff and a refreshing drinks menu, thanks for a lovely afternoon.'
Mandy & Steven, Miami, USA

'Just great, thanks!'
Theresa, Wells, Somerset

'Please, please, please keep this going, have finally found my place to go and I want it to stay!' (We will keep it going Mary don't worry)
Mary, Bristol

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